Clymene Aldinger, M.A., LMHC 

How Counseling Can Help
Life is not easy. We all deserve a little compassion and understanding. I aim to help clients gain support during difficult times, identify problems, and improve symptoms and maladaptive behaviors within the safety and warmth of the therapeutic relationship. I work collaboratively with clients to help them achieve self-awareness and insight into their behaviors, thoughts, and feelings and come to understand conflicts, patterns, and how they relate to others; hopefully, maximizing healthy decision-making and achievement of client goals.

Ultimately, clients will develop an understanding of their past experiences and how those experiences have impacted functioning and relationships, in order to move forward in a positive manner, thus improving their overall sense of self, relationships, and satisfaction in life.

Psychotherapy is an exceptional process, and can be intense and extremely meaningful. It is the active choice to make positive changes in your life; a journey that does not have to be done alone. I look forward to meeting you.